I racked my brain trying to find the right name for my CBD company. With thousands of companies out there, I thought all the good names were taken (like NotPot and Come Back Daily).  I ran through a lot of corny ass names, many of which have also been taken.  Days went by.  All I had was a lengthy list of lackluster ideas. I wanted something to represent me, the brand I want to build. I wanted the name to dig deeper into the meaning of wellness.

It hit me! 

It resonated down to my loins and I felt like THIS IS IT!


Now you may be wondering, what the hell does it mean?

Abasto is a Spanish word that means supplies: the most fundamental provisions.  It also means mom and pop shop or market.  Lastly, as a verb dar abasto (give supply) translates to: providing you with all you require.

Spanish is my mother tongue.  By naming this company Abasto Wellness I pay homage to my immigrant parents, their countless sacrifices and unconditional love.  They also take Abasto's CBD - which has really helped them mellow out.  

The name is also a nod to the neighborhood I lived in, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  I am imbued by memories of that most magical time in my life.  When I took the plunge to start this company, I really needed a little magic in my life. I needed to connect with the things that breathe life into me.  I needed to remember the friends and family that made me who I am.  I am so thankful for El Abasto, I am so eager for Abasto Wellness.